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Apr 30 14, 10:49

SHOE Vegan Challenge - 1 Jahr säter

by fab, (

1 Jahr später

Aus einem Challenge ist komplette Leidenschaft geworden! Wir ernähren uns jetzt viel abwechslungsreicher und probieren unglaublich viele leckere Sachen aus. Es macht einfach total Spass! Wir fühlen uns richtig gesund, fit und inspiriert.

Und... wer uns kennt weiss, dass wir keine halben Sachen machen ;-) So ist es wohl keine grosse Überraschung, dass wir vor einem Monat beschlos
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fab on Jun 02 14, 17:14

hey babs, nööööööööööö das sind nicht wir, aber da hat anscheinend jemand die gleiche glorreiche idee wie wir ;-)  
saviera on Apr 30 14, 23:36

Na dann viel erfolg und guten start ins erweiterte vegan leben.

acquila on Apr 30 14, 18:34

In English:

Shoe Vegan Challenge - one year later

A Challenge has become pure passion! We are now eating more different things and try out many yummy recipes. It simply is a lot of fun! We feel really healthy, fit and are inspired.

And... those who know us know that we don't leave a thing semifinished ;-) Therefore, it is no big surprise that a month ago we decided to start an own online shop for vegans, vegetarians and "parttime-Veggis" in Switzerland.

Shoe proudly presents:

The launch is planned for the summer of 2014. The logo has already been finished, the providers have been written to, the shipping service has been tested and the contract for the depot has been signed - there's only the shop missing... but we are working on it ;-)

We would be very pleased if you could recommend our site to your friends and relatives.

As a start-up, we are happy to have as much help as we can get. Thank you very much in advance :hug 

teelicht on Apr 30 14, 12:00

ohh wow!! so toll!!

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