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May 01 13, 08:10

SHOE Vegan Challenge - My Summary

by fab, (

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wow what an amazing journey it has been. I am so happy, that so many have taken part and stuck with it for a whole month. congratulations to you all :hug

personally, I would have never thought, this would be such a big thing. and the first 10 days proved so. I was excited trying out new stuff, doing this challenge with other SHOEs, reading and posting about it and just generally felt a buzz about it.

2 weeks into the challenge my mind started to believe, that it was missing stuff. sweet things from the bakery or chocolate chip cookies, ice creams and other yummy things. I have been studying the brain, the mind, the subconcious and all that fascinating stuff for about 2 years now and I knew, that this was just happening, because something has been "taken away" from me and my body/mind wants it back. it wasn't that I really wanted it - my mind wanted it, because it was missing something. as simple as that :-D

I also knew, that if you do something every day for 3 weeks, it becomes a habit. meaning it goes into your subconcious and it becomes automatic for you. and that is exactly what happened - after the 3 weeks mark, eating vegan food became a habit.

I was no longer missing sweet things or other things not belonging to a vegan diet. I wasn't missing anything. all meals were our usual meals - but made with alternative ingredients. actually, we asked the question to ourselves: what would we eat, if we could have anything right now. we couldn't even think of anything LOL

now - after 4 weeks - I can't even imagine going back. for me, this is the way!
I feel very healthy and clean inside, if you know what I mean *g*

it makes me happy, that we seem to have inspired quite a few people and I am also very happy to have been able to show, that vegan food does not have to be boring or plain but can be just as delicious and exciting as "normal" food.

so I mean to continue as I started: a happy vegan camper 8-)

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[Comments]Comments (2)
lawaai on May 01 13, 13:48

awesomo fabbie, thank you for this challenge, it's been very much worth it :D  

carolynmf on May 01 13, 10:35

Yay!! :-D I have the same feelings about the experiment. I have my Bro's milk in the fridge and today I can put it in my coffee, but you know what? I'd rather take my ass to the shop and get my soya milk again)  

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