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Apr 27 13, 14:36

My Epiphany during Vegan Challenge Month

by fab, (

I was pretty chuffed with myself for about 2 years now, for having "woken up" and living my life a lot more consciously. Giving up meat and subsequently becoming a half vegan. I stopped buying water in PET bottles after having seen a documentary Bottled Life (highly recommended!) - I only drink tap water and made some other significant changes in my life style.

So you can perhaps imagine how surprised I was by my sudden epiphany I had just a few days ago. It felt like somebody whacked me with a huge log around the ears.

Ever since we moved to the countryside 8 years ago, we got our eggs from a very lovely woman who has chickens because she likes having them around and not for ... let's say nutritional value ;-)

[Image loading failed:]

She has about 15 chickens running around and they are happy campers, if you know what I mean. And she sells the handfull of eggs in this cute little wooden thing:

[Image loading failed:]

Up until now I thought, well they lead a happy life so I can eat these eggs - even as a half vegan - absolutely guilt free. right? so wrong!

The other day i watched a very cute documentary about pinguins. how careful the parent pinguins look after their eggs and go to great lengths to protect them.

[Image loading failed:]

And I found myself rooting for them whenver a predator came near them and was relieved to see, when the parents managed to protect the unborn.

We are all so used to the fact, that chicken lay eggs and we eat them. As long as they are happy chickens and have a good life - it's ok, that's what they are there for.
But suddenly it ocurred to me, that for the chicken it must feel the same way as for the pinguins, don't you think? a mother loosing her child. day by day, week by week.

I am bewildered, that this thought never occured to me before :-|

I know... I know... I can hear your comments. Seems far fetched and so on... But think about it. In any case, I have decided to stop eating eggs altogether and to continue my vegan way even after the challenge is over. YEAH :-D

[Image loading failed:]

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[Comments]Comments (25)
fab on May 01 13, 08:09

@kscha2017: love your last sentence. sums it all up nicely ;-)  

kscha2017 on Apr 30 13, 20:22

Yes, you are right. Chickens are very intelligent, I hear, and maybe they don't realize why they lay eggs but we take them away in the same way, it's kinda cruel to make them into egg-lying machines of a sort. Harvesting a few eggs and leaving others to become chicks would not work either, I suppose. Suddenly there would be too many chickens or too many roosters and what to do with them all? No good anser . Thank you for bringing up this idea. Being aware is painful but the right way to be. 

sunci on Apr 30 13, 13:45

you can buy pasta without eggs @echo :-) you should be able to find egg-free pasta in every regular supermarket. (I personally think, that this pasta also tastes much better than egg pasta)

and bread normally doesn't contain eggs. it's only flower, water, salt and yeast :-) 
echooo on Apr 29 13, 06:34

that other than the handful of times I eat seafood in a yr, I eat vegan regularily, lol, mainly cuz eating isn't something I really enjoy, so havingfrest fruit, nut and veggie (yes all mixed together) drinks and shakes... btw, hi fab :hug 
echooo on Apr 29 13, 06:31

the hard thing, imo in giving up eggs, is not the giving up of eating eggs as eggs, but all the other products eggs are used in, like pasta, breads, desserts ect... while traci was here, we discussed the fact we are vegitarians, and she pointed out

Darter on Apr 28 13, 12:45

Quite the flurry of blog comments!

Welcome to the greener side of the grass Fab.. Everything here is green :-D 

Baergmormeli on Apr 28 13, 12:21

ok, that's a precise and clear definition - thx fab! well, from that point of view, your decision is very well done, i think :thumbsup :-) 

fab on Apr 28 13, 12:04

for human means, the animals rights and freedoms are being compromised. chicken lay eggs for succession (nachkommenschaft) - human kind decides to use it for nutrition. 
fab on Apr 28 13, 11:56

perspective in this phrase: From an animal rights perspective, breeding and raising chickens for eggs is exploitative no matter how well they are treated because we are infringing on the chickens' right to be free of human use. Whenever an animal is used  

fab on Apr 28 13, 11:55

Thank you for your comments. i appreciate them all and made me dig deeper into my new found view and decision to stop eating eggs. I think i am just in a different place in life than some of you and that's ok :-) i found the perfect description of my  

Baergmormeli on Apr 28 13, 06:20

wir entreissen dem federvieh nicht potentiellen nachwuchs. ich will dich nicht von deiner haltung wäre aber - gem. meinem verständnis & wissen - möglich, dass sich ein überlegungsfehler eingeschlichen hat. 
Baergmormeli on Apr 28 13, 06:18

definitiv nicht. wir hatten früher (in meiner herkunftsfam.) auch hühner (+das sah ziemlich so aus, wie auf deinem 1.pic), und glaub' mir: wenn man die hühner so hält, dann MERKT man, wenn eine henne brütet!! :-). die anderen eier sind nicht befruchtet + 
Baergmormeli on Apr 28 13, 06:14

interessante gedanken und wunderschöne pics! allerdings bin ich weitgehend xantharia's meinung. der unterschied liegt m.e. wirklich darin, dass im pinguinei tatsächl. ein kl.lebewesen heranwächst - bei den hühnereiern, die zum verzehr freigegeben sind, 
Darter on Apr 28 13, 04:45

On another note. It is about eggs (kind of obvious). On eggs that are fertilized and not. Penguins - lay 1 egg. Chicken lay a plethora of them. Sometimes they reject the eggs. Not all egg eating escapades are chicken murders.

This is the crisp gist :-) 
Darter on Apr 28 13, 04:43

Alpha let me translate that for you.."my english is not that good. Something something 'Du hast' a famous song by Rammstein something something something. Pinguine a nicer way to say Penguin. Something something something. I should take classes." 

Xantharia on Apr 27 13, 21:59

Sorry alpha. I do read and understand English pretty good, but my writing skills aren't that good at all.... I really should take classes ;) 
Xantharia on Apr 27 13, 21:51

mehr nach Eiern verspüre... 
Xantharia on Apr 27 13, 21:51

vergleichen. Ich gehe nicht davon aus, dass Du Dich jeden Monat wie ein Mörder fühlst?

Wobei, ich gebe es zu, ich esse aus immer weniger Eier (ich esse Eier seit jeh her nur aus privater artgerechter Bio-Haltung), aber einfach, weil ich kein Bedürfnis  
Xantharia on Apr 27 13, 21:46

der 'Produktion' von Hühnern, die männlichen Tiere gnadenlos und brutal (meistens bei lebendigem Leib, das Detail erlasse ich Dir) getötet werden.Sagen wir es mal so, die Produktion von Hühnereiern kannst Du ein bisschen mit 'uns' (entschuldige ;-)
Xantharia on Apr 27 13, 21:43

Das ist der Grund, warum ich ab und an ein Ei esse...
Die Veganer lehnen die Eier nicht in erster Linie ab, weil es ein komplettes ausnutzen des Tieres ist, weil eben viele Eier werden nicht genutzt vom Tier, sondern sie lehnen es vorallem ab, weil bei  
Xantharia on Apr 27 13, 21:41

wollen. Sie legen jede Menge Eierr, sie könnten alle ausbrüten wenn sie wollten, es hat genug Platz zur Verfügung. Tun sie aber nicht. Über die Hälfte der Eier ist nicht befruchtet, die meisten Eier lassen sie liegen. Ab und an brütet ein Huhn Eier aus... 
Xantharia on Apr 27 13, 21:39

herrlichen Freilaufgehege meiner Schwester leben jede Menge Hühner und sie haben einen Hahn, der permanent mit ihnen lebt. Meine Schwester hält die Hühner auch, weil sie sie mag und nicht für den Betrieb. Die Hühner können also tun und lassen was sie  
Xantharia on Apr 27 13, 21:37

Mein Englisch ist nicht gut genug, um Dir in dieser Sprache auf Deinen Blog zu antworten. Du hast einerseits recht, wobei Pinguine legen die Eier anders als Hühner.... Pinguine legen im Normalfall ein Ei pro Jahr... Hühner legen jede Menge Eier.
sunci on Apr 27 13, 15:56

whoooooohoooooo :thumbsup  
Darter on Apr 27 13, 15:31

The gentleman goes to South Georgia and is surrounded by a gazillion penguins and a whole lotta sea lions? Then he spends few days to find 'The Penguin' he would spend his time examining? That documentary? Its just penguins and penguins till the horizon? 
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