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Nickname: fab

Location: Am Hallwilersee (Luzern), Switzerland

Zodiac: Taurus

SHOEs: Sneakers
Shoe size 7½

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Member since: Jul 02 97
Last login: Apr 18 19



Don't wish it were easier - wish YOU were better!
About me
I am:
lesbian, Out

Means of transport:

This is what I like:
* enjoying life and it's beauty
* adventure travels
* action, fun and stuff going on but at the same time i also really enjoy just relaxing by the lake
* MisPfüdi *g*!!!
* CORKY!!!

This is what I don't like:
:: being cold !!!
:: Corky puking on the sofa... ;-)

Flirt Status
Red: ooops, already taken

What if...?
  • If you could have a date with a famous lesbian person who would it be and why?
    that would definately have to be Ellen :-) She makes me laugh and... she's such a cutie ;-)
  • What does a perfect weekend look like for you?
    Being on top of a mountain with my little family, blue sky, nice sunshine, a picnic and lots to eat *lol*
  • What gets you up the walls?
    injustic, mindless programs on tv... tbc
  • What does your flat / appartment look like? Please describe.
    kind of an asian touch, loft sofas, red wall, big kitchen with a selfmade bar, nice big balcony with a lovely view :-)
  • What makes you laugh?
    our dog corky! especially when she manages to grab something or jump on something she is not allowed to *smile*
  • If you saw your zipper was down and people had noticed, what would you do?
  • Where was the most horrible place you have ever had to spend the night?
    gee, that's a hard one. I've travelled so many different places and spent many horrible nights... but one in sydney sticks in my head *lol* had to share a horrible run down hostel room with 5 guys (!). they would fart and masturbate... never mind me!! ;-)
  • What if your cell phone fell in the toilet, what would you do?
    see if it would go away when I flush
  • Which song makes you go into a screaming fit?
    anything by celine dion and mariah carey *lol*
  • If you were to have a date with your dream woman and she gobbles her food down, what would you do?
    try to keep up with her ;-)
  • What would you do with a piece of paper?
    rip it up!
  • How old were you at your first kiss and who or what *lol* did you kiss?
    oh I think I was 7 years old. he's name was daniel and we kissed under water *yuck* ;-)
  • What annoys you the most about lesbians?
    intolerance within the lesbian community.
  • Have you ever been dragged out the ladies toilet again because someone thought you were a man?
    in my younger days all the time!!! even at the airport they started having arguments about who's to search me ;-))) now my hips got bigger and my hair longer, so... no more worries there
  • And finally... What are you REALLY supposed to be doing now?
    probably just like everyone else... WORKING ;-))))

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